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Get to know our chef


Executive Chef

Age : 28
Duration : 9 months
Previous : Gidleigh Park, The Bath Priory Hotel,
Read’s Restaurant with Rooms
Style : Refined, elegant and classic

Allister arrived in West Wales coming from 2 Michelin Starred Gidleigh Park where he was Head Chef for 3 years under the legendary Michael Caines. Having been moulded by one of the best chefs in the UK, Allister’s cuisine is a distinctive modern British style with a delicate touch of the unexpected. He focuses on extracting full and exciting flavours from every ingredient on the plate.


If your kitchen was on fire, what would you save and why?
The chefs and staff… because without them it's impossible!

If you weren’t a chef what would you be?
Probably something involving art or martial arts (two very different things I know, but I was very good at both)

What’s your foodie guilty pleasure?
Wine Gums, I have an addiction

Sweet or savoury?

What is your favourite food shop or market?
Rungis in Paris is insane, and most oriental markets

And for a blow-out dinner?
The Ledbury every time

What would your death row meal be?
Steak and a bottle of red wine

What is your favourite cookbook?
Eleven Madison Park or The Square: Savoury

What’s your top cooking tip?
Focus on flavour first, presentation last

What is your favourite foodie destination in the UK?
Devon and Cornwall, really great food and restaurant scene in the South West

And abroad?

What ingredients are really worth forking out for?
Fresh, bright fish and quality meat