Allister Barsby, October 2016

The transition between Summer and Autumn is a fantastic time of year for any chef. The ‘Glorious 12th’ signals the start of the Game and shooting season with the first Grouse hitting the menus, matched with Wild Berries, you can’t go wrong. Quail will make way for Pigeon which is shot locally by our MP Simon Hart, and Lamb will leave our menu to be replaced by Venison. I love it, and although every season is beautiful in its own way, Autumn is possibly my favourite!

This change in season is emphasised even more by our kitchen garden.  Managed by Jerry and his team we are never short of the most amazing produce.  Having worked with kitchen gardens most of my career, the garden here at the Grove is the most productive yet.  Rows upon rows of crispy Chards, Kales and Cabbages, sweet Beetroots and Parsnips are in abundance, and all hit our menus as soon as they are ready.  And the anticipation of waiting for the first real frost to sweeten up the Jerusalem artichokes…  I can’t wait to get them on the menu! 

I feel truly lucky to be working with such amazing produce here in Pembrokeshire.