Grove magical trail



Grove is such a special place that we even have our own magical characters living with us in the grounds – if you tip toe along the trail you might find the homes of these wee folk…….

 ‘Ffion the Fairy’

This little fairy creates an aura of calm in our beautiful glade.  She encourages us all to find time to relax and find a peaceful moment to enjoy the surroundings with each other.

‘Emyr the Elf’

He is a romantic soul and loves the sound of the birds in the trees.  He has a special horn that only the birds can hear and uses it at sunrise to start them singing their birdsong.  This sounds like nothing else in our natural amphitheatre, so be sure to listen when you first wake up!

‘Ceri & Rhys the Pixie twins’

They live in the vegetable garden and operate the gates at the end of the drive.  They pump a special lever up and down 20 times to open the gates every time a car pulls up the drive.   How fast can you count to 20?

‘Geraint the Goblin’

He has green fingers and looks after the kitchen garden, making sure all the produce can grow and protecting it from frost and birds.  Look out for him with his gardening tools and watering can. We wish he would do the weeding too, but you can’t tell Goblins what to do.

‘Hywel the Gnome’

He helps to control our hungry Rabbits.  Convincing them kindly not to munch on our lettuce leaves and radishes.  Look out for him in his big red wellies!

‘Mari the house Fairy’

Mari comes into the house after dark to do the night time chores like polishing the tables and dusting our ornaments with the help of her magic wand.  She is much loved and keeps the house sparkling clean.’

‘Patrick the Leprachaun’

He came over from Ireland to help us restore this old house and its outbuildings.  Patrick liked it so much here, he made it his home.  His job is to fill our meadows with flowers which he does by sprinkling fairy dust which grow into daffodils, bluebells and snowdrops.

‘Tomos the Troll’

This happy and friendly troll is always whistling and lives near the bridge at the front of the house.  He spends his working day clearing our streams and always has wet soggy feet!